Jungle Safari

Jungle safari

One of the great ways to explore the flora and fauna inside a wildlife reserve is via Jeep safari. You can sit back of the jeep to see the animals. Jungle safari tour in Nepal attracts some of the world endangered species of wildlife such as one horned rhino, exclusive, royal Bengal tiger, slot bear, leopards, Gaurs, crocodile, pythons, Sambaras and different residential and migratory birds.

Any animals or special landscapes ahead, the driver will stop the jeep and you can enjoy them. Don’t forget to snap quick pictures every now and then. Our professional guide will guide you throughout the trip with necessary information. You can have lunch during the safari depending on the length of the safari you pick.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to find your food yourself!!!

Tips: Please avoid using or wearing bright color clothes. This might scare the animals so dim color such as grey, dark green, off white or black are preferred.


There are other alternatives for jungle watching available too. Don’t forget to explore them too.

Bird watching

Elephant Bathing

Visiting elephant sanctuary


Jungle walk

Over 14 national parks and wildlife reserve, there are three which are majorly famous for jungle safari

  1. Chitwan national park

Chitwan National Park is the exciting spot for wild life safari for the interested trekkers to be all the way into the wild or into the beauty of the nature. Amazing view of local mountains at winters and adventurous fast flowing rivers in the summer adds the excitement to the tour. This is also the most famous national parks among the others. Endangered animals such as one horned rhino and Bengal tiger are the major attraction here.

You can also enjoy various activities such as elephant bathing, canoeing, crocodile breeding centre and many more. You can also enjoy various traditional recreations around the national park such as cultural Tharu dance, Village walk or hike to Bish Hazari lake(20 thousands lake; literally).

  1. Bardiya National Park

Bardiya National park is the largest conservation area in the Terai region of Nepal. Situated in the mid western Terai region of Nepal, Bardiya National Park is home to more than thirty different mammals over two hundred species of birds and many lizards and snakes have been recorded. 

Safari In this sanctuary is a lifetime experience of being into the nature. Top things to enjoy in Bardiya National park are: amazing sunset views, Tharu culture Museum, elephant breeding centre and many more.

  1. Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is well equipped and has modernized camp facilities for the tourists. Covering the land of 175 sq. km it lies in south eastern belt of the country.  The wildlife here is very fascinating and it is majorly famous for river vine forest, variety of wild buffalo, deer, crocodile and even dolphins. This sanctuary is very famous for bird watching. The small wetland inside the reserve is also home to fishing cat and smooth coated otters.

Major things not to miss here are awesome birds, epic sunset view, wildlife safari. Don’t miss your binocular when in Koshi Tappu. We don’t want to miss endangered species even far away do we!!!

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