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Getting to know us the way we are…

Rupakot Holidays was established over a decade ago in the year 2007, and since then, we’ve never looked back. We are a Nepal based Tour and Trek Operator; and we’ve learnt the ways of the world, through our guests who have known us down the years & are now so much like family, this has taught us to understand globetrotters better. We’re all about adventure & the wild. This is what ‘Rupakot’ was based upon and what we are all about. We introduce you to the punishing but beautiful Himalayas, show you the diverse cultures & the amazing environments we live in, our medieval cities, imposing mountain ranges, and the steamy jungles in the flatlands; and escort you across our borders to other Himalayan countries with similar geographies & gripping exotic cultures which stir your emotions further; as you continue to explore this side of the incredible planet we all survive on.

At Rupakot Holidays, we know what makes your heart flutter when it comes to holidays, it’s an emotion shared by so many others. A deep longing to visit new places and return home with a true sense of what life is all about. We’ve seen upfront what local traditions, cultures, cuisine, & lifestyles of our fellow beings are all about – anything that contributes to its unique identity. At the same time, we always remember that we are only guests. So we must travel courteously and respectfully, in small compact groups so we minimise our impact, to ensure that every holiday done through Rupakot Holidays was worth leaving home & county to discover the unknown from the known…

At Rupakot Holidays, we don’t normally encourage the concept of escorted travel. Our programs are not for those who want to be herded around in large groups, sightseeing merely from the windows of buses. We treat all of our guests as individuals, appreciating that each has individual interests. Wherever possible we try to accommodate these in our treks, in addition to the wonderful programmes we provide. We do escort our guests, but this is done on the trails when we venture out onto the mountains.

We generally avoid areas normally visited by tourists and seek to immerse our clients in the rich culture of our country Nepal.

We seek to provide a balance between conventional sightseeing and genuine contact with local people and families, & perhaps even share a meal with them.

We spend most of our time on the mountains, this is what we do best, and we’ve enjoyed it so much right to the hilt. We are skilled seasoned outdoor operators that provide some of the most rousing experiences in the raw wilderness across some of the most remote and beautiful terrain in the world. Our ventures in the outback go across less frequented trails and go beyond trekking where you can enjoy adrenaline aqua trips on the greatest rivers in the country & jungle safaris of a unique kind in the Terai belt of eastern Nepal.

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