Lake city of Pokhara is approximately 200KM away from Kathmandu, It takes about 5-6 hours of drive. You might as well take a flight to Pokhara which is only 45 mins. We get some fantastic views of Nepal’s rural landscapes right from the windows of our luxury coach as we drive through this lovely highway.

Pokhara is a window to the gorgeous Annapurna Ranges and the virgin Mt. Machhapuchhare [Fishtail peak]. We relish some great sightseeing and enjoy peaceful boating on the serene Phewa Lake. We also visit some other famous lakes in this charming city/town [anyway you care to look at it]; Pokhara’s natural ecosystems are a base for some of the most enjoyable extreme activities imagined, some of them are: Paragliding, a zip-line experience and ultra-light paragliding flights that thrill you to the bone. Pokhara is home to many trekking and hiking routes. People start and end their tours here before returning to Kathmandu. 

You can try short adventure on a free morning or day at Pokhara. Some of the must do's in Pokhara are;

1. Paragliding 

2. Bungee/ Zipflyer.

3.Boating in Phewa or Begnas lake.

4. Hike to Rupakot resort.

For most visitors heading to Nepal for any activity, visiting Pokhara is a mandatory affair.  Join ‘Rupakot Holidays’’ on a trip of realistic fantasies…once may never be enough!!     

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