From medieval kingdoms to towering mountain vistas, or an Annapurna trekking experience across Nepal’s Himalayas; tramping past overwhelming glaciers, camping out on the banks of free flowing rivers, hiking across lush mountain pastures, soaking yourself in natural hot springs and bumping into mule trains carrying supplies to remote villages in the wild… Rest and flip out in cosy mountain teahouses and meet warm locals who smile from the heart. spend prime time visiting the old cities of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan, visit the sublime Lake City of Pokhara – and this completes a memorable holiday, giving you in-depth experiences of  Nepal’s unique culture and rich traditions…this is just one section of what Rupakot Holidays provides to its clients in our ‘Day Tour’’ programs which overlap into so much more…

Nepal offers plenty of Wildlife as there are eight National Parks and four Wildlife Reserves and two conservation areas in Nepal.   Pokhara, the city of  lakes, provides plenty of opportunities for fishing , boating and sightseeing with the panoramic view of Annapurna range.   Kathmandu valley has several historical memorials, old palaces and temples. Nepal is the land of Lord Shiva (Pashupatinath), which is supposed to be the holiest Hindu temple in the world, not only for the Hindus but also for the Buddhists Nepal offers a unique -place of pilgrimage as it happens to be the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the apostle of peace and compassion.
Beyond the urban backdrops of the three old cities within Kathmandu Valley, Nestled amidst lush greenery are UNESCO declared world Heritage monuments that are symbols of artistic craftsmanship as old as the sun. The lively villages and small towns dotting the landscape provide charismatic glimpses of Nepal’s colorful & pulsating rural life. The Kathmandu Valley is not really large (about 20 by 25 km), and enthusiastic vacationers can blend in several locations at a cruising pace in one day.
Let loose your inner hippy instincts in lovely Pokhara, enjoy apple pie in some of the most isolated regions in the world…taste zippy spicy Newari soups & curries, lose yourself in the lively warmth & by lanes of ancient Kathmandu where the never ending clanging bells of temples put you into blissful sleep…trek on trails trodden by legendary climbers from across the world, & listen to chilling tales of mysterious superstitions on some of the highest mountains on the planet… IT ALL HAPPENS HERE…AND NOWHERE ELSE!

Nepal is a dream destination for millions of holiday makers in south Asia and from across the planet; the various options for travelers are many, this includes: trekking in the Himalayas, heritage tours, peak climbing, high altitude expeditions, Jungle safaris, rafting on mild & turbulent rivers, and hiking on the rims of the valley etc, but travelers with time constraints or senior citizens (above 60) can enjoy the best options of HELITOURS in Nepal.

Nepal is a place of festivals with some part of the kingdom or the other celebrating some festival during everyday of the year. Festivals may be linked with the remembrance of the departed soul, to herald the different seasons, to mark the beginning or end of the agricultural cycle, to mark the national events, or just family celebrations.  On a festive day the Nepalese take their ritual bath, worship different gods and goddesses, visit temple, observe fasting and undertake feasting. The most important aspect of Nepali culture is the religious harmony and understanding prevailing among the Hindus and Buddhist.

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