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Nepal tour a wonderful tour

testiminial image Trekking the Langtang Ganja-La Pass(13 Nights / 14 Days) I went to Nepal with my friends for 10 days at the end of September:) In Nepal, the worst earthquake in 81 years occurred about 5 months ago. So, I thought that there were something I can feel only now and decided to go there. In Nepal, we had classes about disaster prevention at some schools. Those who live in a city have knowledge about earthquakes to some degree, but those who live in a village don't enough knowledge. When I had a class in some village, I was surprised that many people of the village hadn't known earthquakes until the Nepal big earthquake occurred. And I was surprised most of them lost their house by the earthquake. I saw many broken buildings when I walked not only in villages but in Kathmandu. I heard that many schools had broken down. But Nepali can't rebuild schools because they don't have enough money, the average of salary is about 100$ per a month. I thought it was most serious problem now. I wrote only about earthquakes so far, but we enjoyed sightseeing, too. I recommend you go to Pokhara. Pokhara is beautiful city. You can see Himalaya mountains there. I played paragliding seeing them. It was great experience, so you should play, too! And Kathmandu have many good places, as well. Anyway, I thought much more people are wanted to know about Nepal, both the earthquake and good spots by this visit. So, if you are reading this writing, search Nepal on Google once:) And if you have an interest in Nepal, please go to Nepal. Nepal will be one of your favorite countries. Finally, I want to say thank you to Ganesh, Laxu, all people who support us and this program members. Thank you so much.

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I went to Nepal with my friends for 10 days

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