Kathmandu Nights


Unveiling the Enchanting Nights: Explore the Best Nightlife in Kathmandu

Unlock the mysteries of Kathmandu as the sun gracefully sets behind the Chandragiri Hill, revealing a city that comes alive with vibrant energy and captivating charm. Dive into the heart of the night, where the hustle and bustle of the day give way to a different rhythm. Join the flock of working-class individuals returning home and the night owls converging at cinemas, rooftop bars, clubs, and pubs in prime locations, transforming the city into a spectacle of contrasting lifestyles.

A Night to Remember: Kathmandu by Night Tour

Embark on a journey through the nocturnal wonders of Kathmandu with our exclusive Kathmandu by Night Tour. Whether you choose to ride a rickshaw or stroll through the lively streets, immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere. Traverse the bustling Thamel and the historic Basantapur, guided by our knowledgeable Kathmandu tour guide, who will unveil the rich history of Basantapur Durbar Square and share untold stories that add depth to your experience.

Nightlife Extravaganza: Unleash the Adventure

Experience the best of Nightlife in Kathmandu with Rupakot Holidays, where we curate an unforgettable evening filled with cultural delights. Immerse yourself in the vibrant city lights as you catch the essence of Kathmandu's nightlife. From cultural dinners to exploring the illuminated city, our combination tour ensures you capture all the best experiences in a single night.

Indulge in the magic of Kathmandu after dark, where every corner tells a story and every moment is a celebration. Rupakot Holidays invites you to witness the city's transformation into a sparkling spectacle, creating memories that will linger long after the night fades.

Trip Information

Trip Duration:4


Hotel Category:Superior Standard/Deluxe

Trip Code:RH/EKN/01

Primary Activities:Sightseeing Tour/ Excursion

Arrival City:Kathmandu

Departure City:Kathmandu

Transportation:A/C Private Transfer



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