Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour (yatra)


Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour: A Spiritual Journey to the Sacred Temple

Embark on a divine odyssey with the Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour, a sacred sojourn to the renowned temple nestled in the Mustang district. Muktinath holds profound significance for both Buddhists and Hindus, making it a revered pilgrimage destination. Let's delve into the spiritual allure of Muktinath and discover the rituals, festivals, and the divine presence that graces this sacred mountain sanctuary.

Muktinath Temple: A Spiritual Haven

Situated 48 km northeast of Jomsom at an altitude of approximately 3,749 m, Muktinath Temple is a pagoda-shaped sanctuary dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The serene temple is not only a place of worship but also a testament to the harmonious coexistence of Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

Sacred Waterspouts: Rituals and Purification

Behind the temple, 108 waterspouts resembling cow's heads channel holy water. Pilgrims, seeking spiritual purification, brave the ice-cold waters before engaging in sacred rituals. The divine atmosphere and breathtaking views of the Annapurna peaks create a sense of transcendence on this sacred mountain range.

Janai Purnima Festival: A Gathering of Devotees

During the Janai Purnima festival, Hindu devotees converge at Muktinath to pay homage to Lord Muktinath. The air is filled with chants, prayers, and a palpable sense of devotion as pilgrims partake in rituals and seek blessings in this mountainous abode of divinity.

Jwaladevi Temple: Flames of Devotion

Adding to the spiritual tapestry, the Jwaladevi Temple, dedicated to the goddess of flame, stands proudly a hundred meters south of Muktinath. Devotees visit this sacred site, seeking the divine energy and blessings emanating from the eternal flames.

Journey to Muktinath: Routes and Options

For those undertaking the Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour, reaching this sacred destination is a journey of its own. There are two primary routes from Kathmandu: a direct flight to Jomsom via Pokhara or a trek from Pokhara. Pilgrims can also choose to hike from Kagbeni after a short flight. The air service from Pokhara to Jomsom provides an alternative mode of reaching this spiritual haven.

Pashupatinath Temple: Holiest of Hindu Temples

Pashupatinath Temple, located 6 km east of Kathmandu, holds immense importance for Shiva devotees. As one of the four major religious sites in Asia, it stands as the largest Hindu temple. Adorned with golden spires and silver doorways, the temple is a sacred space housing countless Shiva linga shrines and holy symbols.

Spiritual Sensations: A Program by Incentive Holidays

Incentive Holidays has curated a program designed to awaken your spiritual senses. This journey goes beyond the physical realm, offering a soul-stirring experience in the heart of sacred landscapes and revered temples.

Note for Travelers: Rates and Considerations

Please note that the rates mentioned are applicable for Indian Nationals. For travelers of other nationalities, inquiries can be directed to [email protected] for personalized information.

Embark on the Muktinath Pilgrimage Tour and let the spiritual vibrations of this sacred journey resonate in your heart, connecting you with the divine essence of the Himalayas.

Trip Information

Trip Duration:7


Hotel Category:Standard/ Superior Standard/ Deluxe

Trip Code:RH/HSH/04

Primary Activities:Sightseeing Tour/ Excursion

Arrival City:Kathmandu

Departure City:Kathmandu

Transportation:A/C Private Transfers / Domestic Flight for Pokhara-Jomsom-Pokhara



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