Upper Mustang Trek


Unveiling the Mysteries of the Upper Mustang Trek: A Journey Through the Tibetan Plateau

Nestled north of Annapurna, the Upper Mustang Trek is a mesmerizing expedition into a unique geographical and cultural landscape. At an average altitude of 4,000m, this region is not just a trek; it's an exploration of barren valleys, colorful rock formations, and ancient cave dwellings that stand as silent witnesses to centuries of history. In this article, we embark on a virtual journey, discovering the warm hospitality, striking landscapes, and intriguing history of the 'desert of Nepal.'

A Land of Color and Contrast

The Tibetan Connection: The Upper Mustang Trek is more than a geographical location; it's a cultural bridge to the Tibetan plateau. As you traverse through the valleys, you'll find yourself immersed in a rich tapestry of Tibetan traditions and customs. The vibrant culture of this region unfolds with every step.

Cave Dwellings and Archaeological Wonders: The cliffside cave dwellings tell tales of a bygone era. Archaeologists find solace in exploring these intricate dwellings, uncovering the secrets of ancient civilizations. Each cave holds a piece of history waiting to be discovered.

Rain-starved Beauty: The District of Upper Mustang is a rarity in Nepal, earning its title as the 'desert of Nepal.' With minimal rainfall throughout the year, the landscape is a captivating blend of arid beauty and stark contrast. The absence of rain adds a unique charm to this trekking destination.

The Challenge and Beauty of the Trek

Trekking Through Challenges: The Upper Mustang trek is not for the faint-hearted. With its challenging routes, it stands as a testament to the resilience of trekkers. The rewards, however, are unparalleled – a journey that pushes your limits and rewards you with breathtaking views.

Salt Trading Routes: Step back in time as you follow the classic salt trading routes from Tibet to Nepal. The very trails that once witnessed the exchange of precious salt are now the paths that trekkers navigate. It's a historical journey with each step echoing the footsteps of ancient traders.

Rocky Mountains and Snowcapped Peaks: The rugged terrain adorned with rocky mountains offers a theatrical backdrop, with snowcapped peaks standing tall in the distance. The Upper Mustang Trek is a visual feast, an awe-inspiring canvas painted with the hues of nature.

A Glimpse into Local Life

Striking Houses and Friendly Faces: As you trek through the region, the striking houses blend harmoniously with the landscape. The warm and friendly locals welcome you with open arms, adding a touch of humanity to the rugged terrains. It's a journey where the people are as enchanting as the scenery.

Landscapes that Warm the Heart: Beyond the physical challenges, the Upper Mustang trek offers landscapes that warm the heart. Majestic views and serene surroundings create a therapeutic environment, making it more than just an adventure – it's a rejuvenating experience.

Flora and Fauna Amidst Barren Valleys: Contrary to expectations, the barren valleys are not devoid of life. Discover the resilience of flora and fauna that thrive in this seemingly harsh environment. The Upper Mustang is a living testament to the adaptability of nature

Trip Information

Trip Duration:17

accomodation:Basic Tea House

Max Altitude:3520m at Tsarang where the ancient culture causes your heart to skip a beat…

Meals:Nutritious meals are provided throughout the journey on the trail

Grade:Moderate to fairly challenging


Primary Activities:Trekking in the outback on well marked trails

Arrival City:Kathmandu

Departure City:Kathmandu

Transportation:Flights and private car/ tourist coach



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